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Here is the full story. I hit a deer last week going about 35-40 mph. This happened literally two weeks AFTER my new freshly pained bumper was installed... guess what the reason for that first repair was? hitting a deer! Two of them in just as many months. I could still smell the fresh paint inside the car... I guess shit happens.

Here is the video of the actual damage: Magnum SRT8 Bumper damage - YouTube
Here is the video of the deer hit: Deer Hit small - YouTube

Besides that crack (see video above) - nothing else is broken on the bumper from what i can tell. Seems like a relatively easy fixer project for someone with the right tools and the know-how.

The bumper is OEM and was bought from the dealer brand new and was freshly painted brilliant black by the shop to perfectly matched stock paint. I feel it would be a waste to just toss this bumper since it's $950 brand new.

It's hard for me to gauge the price on this with damage, but I feel $300 is a reasonable price point for this as it sits, freshly painted. But if you want to make an offer - please hit me up via a PM.

Local pick up in Orange County NY - Chester/Monroe/Florida/Warwick area
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