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So today was tha day to do my install, ill post some pics and let yal kno how it went. Too tired after that fight with my headlights.

Taking out the light assy. on the 08 mag is not as easy as stated(at least to me). I could not get to the bottom bolt (safely) so I took out the 4 bumper bolts inside the finder well. 2 were bolts and 2 were twist clips(weird)

The clips on the front of the bumper were a b*&%h to remove with a flat head, needless to say i will be getting some new ones in the mail shortly.

After that you are good, just slide the bumper forward a little it will drop so dont be alarmed. Now you have all access to the 2 bolts that hold on the headlight (not three like 05-07 models)

Now the hard part, getting these mf'ers apart(headlights that is). I didnt go with the norm because i dont have a oven handy, so i used a heat gun sat the light on a glove and went 360 around it for like 20 min. The light was scorching hot and not giving, so i took a flathead to the seam an after about 40min of work they were apart. The second light wasnt so bad, but this was my first mod so it still took FOREVER!

Now for the fun. I took some fine grit sand paper and sanded down the chrome surfaces, than used Satin Black Car paint to black out my housing. Did the same with the turn signal/running light housing

Grabbed the night shades tint spray and hit the orange side markers( only like 4 coats ) (sanded it also)

Installed my Single Halo because Oracle sent me the wrong set of halos, they sent me the one for 05-07 mag, but its cool tho i count my blessings, i dont bark on losses. Glued the light back up with some black lock tight stuff (forgot the name) lol. And used gorilla tape to hold whilst it drys.

Here's a little before and after shot

And here is a semi installed shot

Spliced the wires into the running light and buttoned everything up an we have light. Beautiful dont you agree??

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