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Hello everyone. Thanks for letting me join the club. I have an issue that seems to have me stumped. I have a 05 R/T. When you attempt to accelerate hard the car just cuts off for a split second, the lights on the dash flash and the car comes back to normal and goes on. IF you try to press the gas pedal before it comes back to life it'll just do it over again. During this time, if you shut the car off it takes a few cracks to get it to fire back up. Sometimes this will also happen if say you cruising along at a very slow speed and give it too much throttle. I also notice it seems to do it more on hills. This doesn't happen all the time but it seems to me its after the car has been running for a period of time. The motor runs perfectly and strong. I thinks its definitely a transmission related issue. The only code that ever throws is P0700 which is a generic transmission code. The check engine light always goes off by itself within seconds of coming on too. I had my transmission flushed and new filter installed. I also changed by throttle body for a new one. When this weird thing isn't going on it runs like a bat outta hell. But it can happen at anytime even with crush control engaged. Can the transmission get overheated? Or it seems to be related to downshifting? Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.
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