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Hello everyone. Feel a little strange posting now as I'm just a wannabe at the moment. That will all change by the end of the year (may end up in Canada for 8 weeks and don't want a new to me car sitting at home waiting, couldn't stand it). Also own a '95 Roadmaster and '88 C1500. I think I'm just going for the 2.7 for gas reasons now.

Did get to drive a buddy of mine's '05 2.7 Gray/Green on 22's the other day, plenty of merge power and rode good so I think I'm going with the 2.7 - 22" combo.

Love the site and everyone's rides here, have been lurking for a couple of months now. Just thought I'd go ahead and say hello and that I am promoting the site. Handed out 3 flyers this weekend. One to my bud and one to a guy here that has a '05 Black with suicide doors, plus 2 fairly stock looking ones. As soon as I get mine will try to start a chapter here in Central Louisiana. Will try to get the others on or post pics of their rides.

Will be lurking and watching for new ideas.
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