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I own a 2005 5.7L Gen III hemi and I recently damaged a rod bearing. Since the engine is now apart, I am thinking about stroking it, but I need help selecting the parts. I live in Europe and I presume that most parts will have to be shipped from the US so I am trying to come up with a full list of items that I need to order and have shipped to my address.

Here is what is in the car now: K&N CAI, JBA Full exhaust (shorty's), Sidewinder cam with 6.1L beehive springs.

Here is my performance goal: Bump up the torque and power bands some everywhere but without extreme peaks; this is my daily driver and I do not want a fuzzy vehicle or an extremelly noisy one.

How I want to get there: To simplify it all, I want to select a balanced rotating assembly, so all parts are included, then do a small valve job to upgrade the original stuff, whci I hear that is prone to failure.

Rotating Assembly: There are a number of them out there, but I do not know which one to choose. I do not need to go extreme on the in3 increase but I want it to be worth it. I also want to use the stock heads, so the pistons have to work with that.

Valve job: Living in Europe, it is an absolute nightmare to ship my heads to the US to have them reworked, so I think that I prefer to order a quality valve package and have the work done here. Again, I am not looking for extremes, just a nice power bump.

Other items needed: I know that I will need to have the computer reprogrammed, but I can do this here. I also know that I'll need a full set of gaskets, seals, and other small things, but do I need anything else, such as improve the fuel system or similar? Again, I am not really looking for an extreme power bump, and reliability has to be excellent.

So, does anyone have suggestion on what I need to order?

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