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HHP 2006 Poker Run and M&G Schedule
We at HHP have come up with the Poker Run Schedule for the remainder of 2006.

On the last Saturday of each month through the end of December, 2006, HHP will host an open house and Poker Run.

What is a poker run you ask? A poker run is where each driver gets 5 playing cards from multiple decks throughout the day, basically playing 5-card stud. The first cards are handed out at the HHP shop and subsequent cards are dealt out at following stops throughout the day.

The driver with the highest hand at the end of the day will receive a $100.00 HHP store credit and the driver with the second highest hand will win a $50.00 HHP store credit.

If either first place and/or second place have ties, then all winners for the corresponding place(s) will equally divide the winnings.

The group will make numerous stops for photo-ops, bathroom breaks, cards, meals, etc…

A different route will be chosen for each Poker Run. We will cover Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

To sign up and get more information please go to and post:
· You user name
· Real first name
· Type of vehicle
· And date you will be attending
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