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Couple of questions...

1) Is the voltage regulator really necessary? What would happen without it?

2) Why not use the VHT to tint the leds? I'm pretty sure there was an article somewhere about doing this and then wet sanding the front of the leds so that they were fully exposed (no tint). This helps to hid the rings agains the black housings.

3) Where did you steal the power from? Is it constant power or ingnition power?

4) Did you wire these to a switch located in the cabin? How did you run the wire through the firewall?

I just ordered a pair for myself and want to do this right the first time. I also want to add an extra degree of difficulty by wiring the halos into pigtails to make them easy to remove if I need to. And I want to run them to a switch in the cabin that runs off of ignition power, but I also want to run it off of constant power if I ever want to just turn them on to show off.
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