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Introducing myself

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Hi I'm William Beason, but the tattoo says Wild Bill Nahumah, I am a 63 year old man child that bought a 2006 Chrysler 300C in 2019 and of course my Hemi sucked a valve so it's been sitting at the side of the house for 3 years. One of my neighbors friends showed up with a 2008 Dodge Magnum it only has the small V6 but the way I figured better mileage than the Hemi. He gave me a great deal and I picked it up for $2,800 and now I have a place to put all my Chrysler 300C goodies. The Magnums interior is a little lacking in the material quality side of things, so the interior from the Chrysler is going into the Dodge so is the front clip along with my 18-in rims and tires the Chrysler is Magnesium Pearl and the Magnum is Dark Titanium Metallic Clearcoat so I think he's going to make for an interesting two tone. Spent the last 3 days pulling the hood, the fenders and the grill support headlights and the grill and we'll probably spend the weekend pulling the Magnums front clip and replacing it with the 300C's.
I'll posting pictures on how the project coming along to see what you think, I think it's going to look pretty damn good, wish me luck and if you got any advice for me let it flow.....
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