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Hey all-gonna be moving from Pennsylvania to Texas, coming down this winter, around November to start checking areas out. If anyone knows any landlords with furnished places for rent.
Was there in 11, then came back in 12' around November and came back to deal with family business in early 13', then like an idiot- tried to help a friends business and wasted the last 3.5 years. So anyways, looking for areas outside of cities, has a pretty good car and motorcycle driving and riding areas. Working class areas. Been trying to do some research on the internet, just been going crazy with all the info. If anyone would take the time and fill me in on the areas-it would be appreciated.
45yrs old - like playing with my cars and bikes and stay out of others business. Would like to say thanks now for any help that is provided.

Have an 05 Magnum RT, RWD with 60k miles on it. Have been getting the car mechanically sound since it is new to me. Anything or anywhere I should focus on given I will be driving down there about 3500 miles.

Again many thanks-Ken
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