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Just bought a 2007 Magnum SE 2.7L V6 DOHC 24V with a 4 Speed Automatic Transmission.

I bought the car for $440 with a pretty sold interior and exterior and working A/C except with a blown engine. The timing jumped and cut a hole in a valve cover and I didn't find this out until taking it off after putting $600 into other parts. I also got a new key for $140 so I was in $1200. I figured I would do an engine swap which is what I did to the same engine so I went to the junk yard got a mint engine (seems to be pretty much brand new or at least just rebuilt). Regardless the new engine is in and everything is setup at the moment except the radiator, all of the A/C and the driveshaft. It seems all the clips are on and everything else. I am hoping to get the original grounds back to the engine since I am stuck with a remaining 2 issues.

1. The engine is not getting spark

2. The security system in the car is on

This leaves me with the security system is preventing the car from getting spark but I am jumping the starter relay with a paper clip. The engine turns but not spark. I have tried grounding the engine with jumper cables and no spark. I may have an oil pressure sensor that is broken so I am going to try to fix that after I post this. I have the Chilton manual on this car and seem to be almost done. Once I am done and the car is running I'm hopefully getting a custom wrap, hood, front end, splitters, diffusers, rims and lights. Quite excited but need an expert I think. I am 3 grand in but it turns over nicely just need it to kick. If anybody has any ideas on how test sensors I am not sure on a great way to do this. I want to test the crankshaft position sensor and a few more. I have a test light coming in tomorrow. Mechanical skills improving by the second.
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