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??? Magnum has no power to any electric systems

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I have no idea how this problem started or why it has occured. Here is an explanation of what the Mag is doing. If the car is NOT running or if the key is in the ACC position I have absolutely no power to anything. The door locks do not work the interior lights do not come on headlights will not come on, in short the car is completely dead. Now when the car IS running most everything works but here is where it gets even wierder, the door locks will only lock and unlock when the doors are closed. So if I turn off the car everyone that gets out has to manually push down the door locks for the car to be locked. Also when you turn the car off the radio stays on playing music for about a extra 20 seconds after the key is removed and doors are opened. I have talked to a few techs but none seem to have a clue. Most are pointing me in the way of the ignition but I cant just throw parts and money before checking here. Please help me out this is very frustrating, Thanks Matt aka mjgmagnum
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Have you tried disconnecting the battery for a few minutes? Tis sounds like a PCM the computer is being fooled somehow. Also, if you have a predator or Trinity, you can run a diagnostic to see if you get any codes. Thats all I can think of...very strange indeed.
Disconnected neg terminal for 1/2 hour...... no go. I love my car but this is horrible. I did have a aftermarket radio installed and put a factory back in I think it started around that time.
check power everywhere i will bet it is the ignition as well
check power at
rear fuse box
front fuse box
ignition switch, check it for going in and back out.
get a chiltons book, it might have all the power block in it but not for sure.

i will look around to see if i can help u out sir.
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cant seem to find one for the power side but here is the ground side.
this might help others in the future as well.
good luck with your fix
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