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Hi i just replaced the door speakers on my 2005 sxt. - the old ones didnt work and apparently fried the radio - the radio was covered by warranty and got replaced - the speakers I decided to replace myself.

When i opened the passenger door, i found this: the magnet piece of the speaker was actually blown away from it, and stuck to the inside of the door:)

I put in my own speakers, some sony 6 1/2 inch faily cheap speakers $49.99 a pair
The magnum stereo system is i think the 'premium one' - from my understanding. i have 2 speakers inside the dash, in addition to the 6'5 door ones - and the 6x9 back ones.

I have a couple of questions:

1) the new speakers have each 50W 'nominal' rating, and 270 'max' rating
what does that mean for my current stereo system - is it ok?

2) if i also replace the back 6x9 speakers, will i need an amp? how does it work?

3)Does anyone have the data on the actual wattage of 'stock' magnum?

4) Heh i broke 4 door clips, fucking things are a pain in the ass do you guys know where to get them online?
Don't want to goto dealership since they asked for $160 toreplace the speakers and i did it myself.

Thanks in advance!

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your oem amp should be fine to power the new speakers. however since you started you mine as well replace the back ones as well. the door clips even at the dealer are not bad in price or you can try the speaker in the dash are i believe 3 "

the wattage on most stock system is any where from 25-45 watts , and since it sounds like you have a factory amp it can be anywhere from 35-85 watts per channel.
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