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Hey guys I have a 07 sxt 3.5 v6 I wus wonderin at how many miles should i do my tune up? when i first got my car it had 64k miles, it had a maintance tag that said it was up for maintence at 65k. took it to a local shop now its up at 68k which is comin up pretty soon... I would like to know when should i have the tune up done on the car.... folks at the dealership said that ours cars don't really require a tune up until the 80k mark.... but as we all know those f**kers be lyin and gettin us for our money.... I've always done the tune up on my previous cars.... but i don't feel confident enough to do on the mag.... i love this car too much that i don't wanna end up breakin somethin else...

Is there anythin i should be aware of?

Where can i get the tune up kit for a good price?

What oil, filters, etc. do you guys use, and/or what do guys recomend?

BTW I use my car on a day to day..... And i do have a "do it yourself" manual to help me out... its pretty detailed so im thinkin bout doin it myself
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