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Ultimate adjustability, variable spring rate, responsive handling, improved ride quality and reliability easily could be achieved by having just one upgrade installed on your car. RideTech suspension solutions are manufactured to meet your needs and overshoot the OE results. If you are looking for the most versatile and best performing system, then premium RideTech Complete Suspension Package is the option you should consider.

The Air Suspension System comes available in 3 different levels recommended: for extreme track usage, for both track use and excellent ride quality and economical solution to gain the advantage of riding on air. To find prices and more details on suspension systems you are interested in and choose the level most suitable for your ride, follow the link below:

RideTech® - Complete Suspension Packages -

Each system includes its vehicle specific parts to provide you with superior performance experience.

Which one would you choose for your Dodge?

* Level 1 Air Suspension System
Includes: TQ Series Front Shockwave, Rear CoolRide, TQ Series Rear Shocks and Digital AirPod Compressor System.
Price: $7,050.00

* Level 2 Air Suspension System
Includes: HQ Series Front Shockwave, Rear CoolRide, HQ Series Rear Shocks and Digital Compressor System.
Price: $3,800.00

* Level 3 Air Suspension System
Includes: RQ Series Front Shockwave, Rear CoolRide, RQ Series Rear Shocks and Analog Compressor System.
Price: $2,800.00

Get the most from your ride with RideTech at CARiD.
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