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So I got tired of the ESP wrecking all my fun when im out and about sliding around the corners in the winter, So after doing some research i figured out how i was to do it.

The first option was to get the NOESP chip and install that, but that was much to expensive and i wanted it done much sooner then later.

So after looking around i found a link to wire in a Toggle switch to the ESP wire that runs in behind the glovebox.

ESP mod from behind the glove box...too easy! - Page 4 - Dodge Charger Forums

Thats the link to page 4, since thats the page with the pictures i used to do this. I realize that guy used the NOESP chip in his pictures but worked just the same.

So after pulling out the glovebox, which took me a couple minutes longer then i figured it would due to my car being very cold. So After popping out the glovebox and removing the little bit of "carpeted foot room roof section stuff" i had enough room to pull out a bit of the wiring harness to find the correct wire.

Once i pulled the right wire, purple with the light blue stripe, I cut that and braided in another section of 18G wire to each side, and then of course i didnt cut enough so i grabbed some more 16G wire and braided that into the 18G to get myself enough length to make it to the wire ends on the switch.

I just bought a basic on/off toggle switch from a Grote display rack we have out in our showroom so i got a decent price on it. After wiring everything together and shrink tubing / taping all the connections back up again, I started the car just to check to see if i wired it all up right and if it actually worked, which it does like a charm!

Put everything back together the same way i took it off, and presto, an hour later with the some stops to talk to the late shift guys and i was on my way home!

I flicked the switch when i got into the residential area near my house, first after trying to drift with it still on (got shut down real quick) and i have to say it does the job nicely, and now i can do some nice "assisted sliding" around the corners and in the parking lots this winter!

Another main reason i wanted to do this mod is that when im driving up the mountain switchbacks to get to some ski hills, like Mt. Norquay in Banff Alberta, i hated how it used to always cut power when i spun out at the end of turn, So now at least i can keep my foot into it, keeping speed and control, And look pretty Bad Ass doing it!

I will try to get some Pics of how everything turned out tomorrow, I didnt have my phone or camera with me while i was doing it.

Thanks to everyone here at CustomMagnums, as well as the guys at the ChargerForums for having this thread right when i needed it!
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