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Hi all,
I've been restoring my 2005 Magnum RT and ran into a snag with a MyGig mod.

I'm putting in a 730n RHR out of a 2011 Chrysler. I have the Lockpick Adapter and everything installed. I haven't done any firmware updates yet as I wanted to see what all would work.

I'm able to get the system on and my phone connected. The radio plays and my Bluetooth audio streaming works. Everything seems to be working so far except there is no bass coming out of my rear speakers and subsequently my aftermarket subs.

I have line taps on my rear speakers to give signal to my sub amp and everything worked fine with the RAQ Headunit, but once I installed the MyGig using the Lockpick, I lost the low-end from my rear 6x9s.

I've tried a couple different factory amps to see if its an issue with the CAN-BUS system, as I've read that a few places, but so far nothing I have is working.

Any ideas??

My car originally came with a 6disk RAQ and the Boston Acoustics speaker package l.

Here's the MyGig firmware I'm on:
2.116 Gracenotes: 3265

Here are the Amps I've tried so far:

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Another "bug" I've run into...
The RHR's current FW is 2.116. I have a Lockpick System to get it to integrate and so far everything seems to be working ok besides the clock not staying programmed and maybe the NAV System. I have a gps antenna installed, but it can't seem to pick up my location. I haven't pulled out of my garage yet tho, as I'm still working on it, so that may be an issue.

My question is, if I update my firmware will it fix any of these issues and is there a particular firmware I need to use?

I've read on multiple forums that there's a clockfix firmware, but it's usually referencing RER systems. I can't find much about the RHR. Is it the same firmware??

I appreciate any help/advice.

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