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Hey all, bought my 2006 R/T AWD, wife said I could get it as a 25th anniversary present lol.

I have always loved mopars and found this one which has everything I wanted, HEMI, AWD, and silver. That being said it has some issues, I bought it from Indiana. I am from New England so I am accustomed to rust and other problems. This is a project car as my other vehicles are well maintained and require normal maintenance.

I have replaced the following:
Radiator, fans, water pump (stuck bolt so timing cover had to come off as well)
belt, overflow bottle (old was all yellow and crappy looking)
entire front suspension (have another post about issues with that)
rear springs and shocks.
The interior is spectacular just needs a good cleaning.
Growing up we went camping with a jayco pop up and a Chrysler station wagon so I love the station wagons.
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