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2007 Magnum SXT base, Bilstien shocks, struts, cold air intake, Jet Stage 2 chip.
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Hello all, new to the forum, and I know this is YEARS late asking. I picked up my 07 Magnum SXT 3.5L a few years back, and am at the point of wanting to do a few things to it., one being a supercharger, but being 2022 Im finding there are no actual kits anymore, Powerdyne, Tidalwave and whiplash are no longer around, but Im sure I can still put something together, the main issue Im having is all the mounting hardware plates and brackets. I have sent emails to the companies that are still in business about any left over parts, I got pretty much the same answer from all. "we dont do that engine anymore". I dont want to do a engine swap, as it would be more then just swapping an engine, trans, wire harness, pcm, my car is setup right now for corning, and doing a engine/trans swap would force a change in the dynamics of the car, plus a used engine/trans not knowing anything about them, I would have to spend more money rebuilding both. just not worth it to me.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks ahead of time !
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