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Thank you for adding me.
I'm the proud owner of an '05 RT. I've had "The Moll" for about two years. I recent sold an '02 Firebird TA Droptop and cleared a couple of other projects.
I acquired the "Moll" from a 72 yo widow whose husband bought for her brand new in 2005. Low Easy miles. Great shape, a few garage dings and looks like a curb jump. I've replaced a couple underbody shields, "suitcase" delete, added cabin air filter, upgraded music box and "moved into" her. I'm in the NorCal and have tripped to Yakima for a dog 馃悤, OC twice, Sedona AZ and Las Vegas. Gotta LOVE a Muscle Wagon. Lots of chats, smiles and waves.
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