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I have a custom 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T that I bought from Brooklyn, NY. It is an ex-NYPD Highway Patrol car and now has 113,000 miles on it (it had 94,000 when I bought it in 2011).

When I bought the car, the Check Engine light was on. I can't recall the actual code, but it was indicating an oil pressure issue. I have taken it to a plethera of different mechanics, replaced the Oil Pressure Sensor chip and tried various types of Oil. My most recent mechanic told me that he thought somebody had been using the wrong oil, so he called the dealership and started using the factory standard oil. Since he started using the new Oil (about a year ago now), the Oil Light on the dash has started blinking and beeping. It gets worse now every time I change the oil, and then mellows out the closer I get to needing another oil change, but the issue never goes away. It also seems to be more of a problem when I get up over 50 mph, but it blinks all of the time, whether just idling, driving around town or on the Interstate.

This has been an absolute mystery to EVERY mechanic I have talked to. I read somewhere that the Check Engine Light could be triggered by either an Oil Pressure Sensor "Chip" or an Oil Pressure Sensor "Switch." I do not know what that means or if they are the same thing. Like I said, I had the Oil Pressure Sensor Chip replaced when I first purchased the car, thinking that would take care of the Check Engine Light.

I would DIE to have this issue resolved. The beeping is about to drive me CRAZY! Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to offer.

- Daniel

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You need to find out exactly what the code is. That can indicate whether it's an actual oil pressure problem or a sensor switch problem. The is no "chip" If it's a P0520, it's the pressure sensor switch.

To get the code perform the following 5 steps in rapid sequence.....

Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the "ON" position (don't start the car)
now turn it back to the "ACC" position
now, back to the "ON" position
back to "ACC"
and finally, back to "ON"

Nowe look at the odometer and write down any codes you see. They will be 4 digit numbers. After the last code has been displayed, you'll see a series of dashes "-----", followed by the word "done"

I'm betting it's a P0520 and that the sensor switch is bad.

You should be using 5w-20 oil and nothing else.
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