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Hey everyone!

Great to see a forum dedicated to the Magnum! Just another board to add to my list of daily postings.

After having our 1994 Dodge Caravan written off (over 360,000kms with original tranny!) at the end of November, we were in need of another vehicle, as that was the only one my wife and I had.

We were looking at getting another van, but thankfully we opted for our 2005 Magnum SXT which we got at a pretty damn good price.

Granted, its not custom (yet), but there will be little things here and there done to it.

Heres a few pictures of my ride:

Not mine yet!... just takin it for a test drive:

WOO HOO! A few weeks later and its mine! Sleeping in the garage of our apartment:

And a few shots at work:

Thanks for looking!
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