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I posted this in the general forum I'm hoping for more input on this one.

I've has a miss for a few days and got into troubleshooting it yesterday.
I did the key dance and pulled p0202 code. I moved around the coil pack and spark plug with the #6 cylinder, still misses. I replaced the #2 injector then had codes run at AZ this morning. Still have 202 & 302 codes. Printout from AZ has TPS listed as a potential problem. I turned ignition on and held pedal WOT for a 15 count, I remember reading here it was a way to reset it. Also could be wiring, which is what I'm leaning to at this point.

So my question is how do I go about checking the wiring to injector and coil pack? I know with a meter but where do I hook it up and what should I be looking for?
If there is anyone with input or something to add/suggest let me know I've had awesome help here any time I ask.
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