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Ok, I switched spark plugs on my 2005 AWD magnum one day and since then the check engine turned on. I used the same Bosh spark plugs that the previous owner was using. I also changed the rubber/seal that holds the vacuum pipe in the manifold because the old one dried out.

When I first test drove the car, it was good for about 3 miles then started to be very rough with multiple dashboards lights on including the (Z). I stopped, checked all the wires, all good. It went back t normal with engine light on. I drove it 1000 mile assuming that the check engine light will turn off after a while and it never did.

Took it to the dealer. Told me PCM is bad and he needs like $1000 (I love the car) to replace it with aftermarket because Chrysler discontinued it (stupid decision). He replaced the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd PCM and the problem persists. Connected one of them PCM externally and problem still exist. Checked if there is any high voltage or leak, no luck. Techs from Chrysler came in and recommended trying identical used one. That's where I am now.

Anybody experienced the same issue before? It has been 3 months now, is it possible that the dealership doesn't know what they are doing? Could it be just a stupid spark plug failure spitting out wrong codes?

spark plug used:
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