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In order to find equipment in , you're going to need to start out plenty of treasure boxes. You'll get one of these for free each day you log-in, or you can invest 50,000 Meso to purchase one. Alternately, treasure boxes are found at the game's Elite Dungeons, in case you feel confident about carrying them on.

Equipment may also be gotten from MapleStory M out of purchasing the stuff in any Trade Stations you find in the sport, so make certain you've got plenty of Meso stored up to receive your hands on the weapons you truly want.

Out of these options, we suggest getting most of your equipment in the game from Trade Stations. Meso, the game's money, is actually rather easy to find, especially when you've got a fairly strong personality. Besides, you can just buy the Epic-level gear on offer, which is the highest rank that equipment you purchase from the marketplace will be.

Even once you've got Epic-level equipment in MapleStory M, you still might want to make it even stronger. You'll have to have plenty of Meso saved up in the event that you really do want to update these weapons, but it'll make your character fairly unstoppable.

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