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Hey, everyone.

I recently picked up a RAQ from someone on craigslist for an okay deal compared to eBay, a working pull from a JGC, to replace my aging and semi-dying REF. Installed it in my Magnum, did a reset, and it powered up just fine. Insert a CD, and it spins and grinds and whines, displaying "Loading Disc...", and then spitting it out with "ERROR". Cycled through all six slots, same result.

Funny thing is, I got frustrated after a while, and smacked the front of the player after inserting the CD. It recognized the disc and started playing it. Worked for all six slots. You can switch between them just fine, but if you eject one and insert a new one, you have to smack it again.

Obviously, this isn't ideal. Has anyone run into this, or know enough about the innards to say what I could possibly do to fix this? It's unlikely I'm going to be able to convince my wife to spend another $load on a stereo, and the person I bought it from is hemming and hawing that it "completely worked when it was removed", so it must be my fault that it isn't working. sigh.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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