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So to fill the hole I didn't want to spend the $300+ to have it done. So this is my next steps to fill it for $12 lol (I already have the paint close to the color on the car) this is without paint that's the next post for yall lol for anyone thinking of doing this it is extremely easy there is a beauty cover on the outside of the wiper arm assembly that hides a nut. Unscrew the nut then the wiper arm slides off. I have heard some people have luck trying to turn the wiper arm some I heard had to use a pully remover. In my case it was a matter of holding the wiper arm so there was no pressure on the shaft the nut was attached to (pun intended jk lol) and it just slid off easy. If you have done this mod was your wiper arm easy to remove? Then there a the 2 Phillip's head screws that hold the plastic cover that is located inside of the magnum then just plastic clips holding the cover in place nothing else. After that be sure to disconnect the two electrical connections one is for the light and one for the wiper motor. Next there are three 10mm nuts that hold the wiper motor to the car. After removing the nuts for the motor and removing the motor its self there will be a rubber seal attached to the body of the magnum remove that from the outside of the car. For the plug I cut a notch in it since the hole on the car is not round. The bottom of the hole is slightly flat I also cut notches around the plug so it can sit flat. If you have done the rear wiper delete please share pictures.



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