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Recommended power for a portable jump starter

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Sup my dudes!

What kind of power should I be looking at for a portable jump starter in terms of amps?

There is a major inconsistency in the engine size-to-amps recommendations online and was wondering if anyone had experience with this stuff.

Based on my research, as little as 600 amps can boost an engine of 3.5L (i drive an '07 SXT 3.5L V6) but I don't want to get the minimum and end up being screwed should I ever need an emergency boost and I am willing to spend a bit more, even if it's overkill.

My buddy has the new RAM 1500 and got the top model from XenonPro (1500 Amps) which he strongly recommends to me (goes for about $200) but I see they also have a model with 600 amps for half the price (Portable Jump Starters, Car Battery Booster Pack - Free Shipping, Lifetime Warranty -

My cousin once recommended a brand called NICA or something but he drives a Civic which has a tiny engine.

Any help is appreciated šŸ¤œ
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