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For whatever reason the front end of my RT is abnormally high, the back seems not too bad, not sure if previous owners changed springs or something and put wrong ones in. Regardless, I was looking to improve the handling and lower a bit. The car is a daily and sees winter duty, so large drops are out. I want "set it and forget it" so not looking at coilovers, and it's a daily, my Camaro is more likely to see track duty. Original thought was Magnum SRT springs, a little harder to come by compared to Charger and others and I would prefer the higher SRT springs rates that Chargers/Magnums had.
Have 3 options I'm looking at, potentially paired with Koni Str.T shocks.
Cheapest ($150ish Cdn) is good condition low mile used Challenger Hellcat springs locally, from what I can find spring rates are 313/778, so slightly stiffer front than SRT Charger/Magnum. I've read the threads that say the front may sit too high with Challenger springs and need cut half a coil. Also read rear needs to be Magnum specific for hauling, but if rear spring rates for SRT Magnum/Charger and these Challenger are the same, the only way that would be affected is if the spring is a different height, no? Also, all of them are likely stiffer than 230k km RT springs, so should be non-issue.
Next is a gamble, but at only $200 might be a good experiment. Rockauto shows Magnum/Charger SRT specific springs by Mevotech, again might be interesting how they do and brand new.
Final local option is brand new Mopar springs P4510854, $300. I know they are more geared at Charger/Challenger but again as above, should be stiffer in rear than old RT springs. My worry with these is I've also read some people having too low a drop, and issues with alignment, needing other parts to make the adjustments. Chance of too low, and extra cost on top of already higher price than the others puts them last for me.
I'm leaning toward the Hellcat option, thoughts?

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