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Today it was lightly raining. So as I do every time it rains, I went to turn the headlights on. When I turned the switch, it made a funny crunch sound. Then as I turned it back and forth, no positive clicks. I get out and look and parking lights are on. Can't get them off. Take it to the dealer. 2-3 days to fix it. I can't do without my car for 2-3 days.
So knowing the dash is pretty much push together, I start pulling on the left side and it pops loose. Drop the column for more clearance and I reach inside and release the clip going to the switch. Now, when the key is on and the car running, the headlights are on. And when I turn it off, the lights go off. Might just leave it like that. Better than $115 plus tax at the dealer just for the switch.
You would think it would last longer than 16 years.....
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