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I changed the plugs on my 2007 R/T 5.7 liter; it has 38K miles.

I decided on the Champion 5750 double platinum; downside is that they are $4 each instead of $1.50 for the copper 750, but I figure they will last 100K miles.

The electrodes and ground straps on the old plugs looked pretty good, and still gapped at around .045 to .050. But the threads on the old plugs were rusted and and it took some torque to remove them; obviously Dodge did not use anti-seize--just for this reason I'm glad I changed them. Dodge did use grease in the boots, but the plugs really stuck to the boots, so maybe Dodge did not cover the plug in the grease.

When I changed them, I covered the threads in antiseize, and put dielectric grease into the boots and on the plug.

One interesting problem; one of the boots remained detached from the coilpack and was stuck on the plug. I found a good solution to this; I had my Boy Scout son make a slipknot with some heavy nylon string, and I put the loop over my fingers on my left hand. Using my fingertips, I could stretch the boot out of the engine about 1/2 inch; that was enough to slide the loop of string onto the boot and my son pulled it tight. Then I pulled the boot out easily, using the string.

With the new plugs I'm noticing about 3 HP improvement in power (just kidding, I can't notice any difference at all). But anyway, the Champion double platinum 7570 seems to work just fine.
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