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Hi Magnumers,

My '05 RT electric sunroof has started to act strangely.

If I press the open button, it begins to open. But if I want to stop it mid point, and press the / any button again, it just keeps opening.

Even once fully open, if I press and hold the close button, it will close to almost fully closed, then immediately reopens again!

I couldn't get it to close atall the other day!

I've checked the user manual and I'm operating the controls properly.

Can anyone suggest what it going on and how I can fix it?

I remember a while ago I noticed that the sunroof wasn't parking properly, leaving a small gap. That was remedied by a visit to my Dodge dealer, who, at a cost, reprogrammed the sunroof to park without any gaps.

Do I have to return to Dodge with this issue, or is their a simpler explanation?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

- DT
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