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Good moring all,

I just finished replacing the tension struts, i.e. lower control arms front, and I managed to tear the boot. 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch at the base. :eek:mfg:. Options were replace part or have bushings replaced. costs bout the same and wait time for both was 3 days.

But wait.....

a little research online indicated a third option.

repair at own risk. not liable. this is a guide that woikred for me.
Repair for torn boot is listed below. this repair is for around the base of the boot.

purchase one bike tube repair kit.

1. clean area lightly
2. scuff surrounding area with included scuffer
3. apply rubber cement on surrounding area 1/2 inch radius around tear
4. cut bike patch AT LEAST 1/4 inch larger than tear. i went 1/2 inch.
5. apply patch
6. let set 10 minutes.
7. apply generous amount rubber cement over patch and surrouding area.
8. let dry. I waited 12 hours.
9. "new improved" tension strut is ready for installation.
*** careful not to re tear boot.
10. install as per directions.
11. after install and grease applied. check for leakage.
10. smile.

** research indicated silicon would work also. I didn't try it. just throwing it out there.
I weas on tight budget and time constraint. I have checked weekly without any signs of leakage.

Hope this helps others.

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