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I am in CA I own a 2005 dodge magnum 2.7L V6 161,xxxx miles.

Car over heated and water pump went out.

Shops were quoting me $800+ to change just the water pump. The prices were up towards $1400 for a water pump... I understand the timing chain, and all the disassembling and what not. But I for one thought it was ridiculous. I wanted to check out exactly how to do it. But, when I watched videos I realized it was extremely out of my league. I was looking around for someone who knew what they had to do to get inside to the water pump. I came across a old friend of my brother inlaws. So I gave him a shot. He had it down to the T as I watched him. Now, he has a problem. There is a plug that has to be removed. Except, the previous owner(who changed the water pump over two years ago) has it sealed with some sort of sealant that will not budge.
He tried different ideas of getting it out, and has yet to figure it out. I need my baby back up and going. She is my daily driver. ♥ and the best car I've ever had.

A second Mechanic has looked at it, and just by looking at the plug says the engine is done.
That the head would be toast by the time you get it removed.

But, I can not get it out of my head that the mechanic is wrong.

Anyone have any ideas?

I will attach video.

Do I have any options?
Or would you say I am screwed?
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