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I was looking on craigslist last night and found some rims that are 5-bolt "universal". About 9 inches wide, 22" with tires that are 235/30/22. I'm not as concerned about the bolt pattern as I am the tires. I noticed in the tire guide that the recommended is 255/30/22.

First off can someone please explain the difference in the wheels?

Second, as they are right now will they fit on my magnum (assuming the universal bolt pattern is actually universal. Haha!)

Thanks for helping a wheel/tire newbie out!

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Hard to tell if a universal will fit. Need a more exact bolt pattern. IF they fit the pattern you might need hub centric rings as well. Another thing to worry about is back spacing too much and they might rub, too little and they will stick out.

5 bolt, patterns, very widely, from around 5x100 to 5x165 so a universal won't fit all the sizes in between, usually just 2 sizes. Some wheels, haven't seen them in ages, would be slot drilled and required special lugs to mount them, like the old Crager SS wheels. They would fit any size between X and Y. Like 5x4.25 to 5x4.75 but I haven't seen any new wheels made that way.

5x100mm 5x4.00in
5x107.3mm 5x4.22in
5x108mm 5x4.25in
5x110mm 5x4.33in
5x112mm 5x4.41in
5x114.3mm 5x4.50in
5x115mm 5x4.53in
5x120mm 5x4.72in
5x120.7mm 5x4.75in
5x127mm 5x5.00in
5x130mm 5x5.12in
5x135mm 5x5.31in
5x139.7mm 5x5.50in
5x150mm 5x5.91in
5x165.1mm 5x6.50in

As you can see there are a LOT of 5 bolt, patterns.

As far as the tires, the sidewall will be really short on those, ride will likely be very harsh and I would worry about tearing up the wheels from not having much tire between the wheel and the road. 255/30 is the recommended size to match stock but I would go with 265/35 from experience. Ride is a bit better and will fill the wheel well better but that is just my opinion, and opinions vary.

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Tires are fine and do yourself a favor.....Get the proper wheels so you don't have to worry about it.
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