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Hello Everyone! I'm lookin to buy a few things seeing as the summer is here and I can now afford some mods for my baby.

First, i'm looking for a mesh grill or an SRT8 grill. I don't want to do any cutting, and really like the look of the mesh/honeycomb design. I've seen some that just replace the stock pieces and am a big fan of those. I don't really care if it's aluminum or SS or what color it is, just not plastic UNLESS it's a take-off SRT8 grill and then that would be sweet.

Second, I'm looking for a Halo kit. Preferrably 4300K or 6000K. The 8000K and 10000K are a bit too blue for me, but if the price is right, i'm open for suggestions. Also, i'm lookin for a Halo kit for the Fog lights. For both of these kits, I was looking for the AAC kit that comes with the V2 CCFL inverters...maybe that's all of them, i don't really know.

Anyways, i appreciate the help so if you have one of these things or know someone that does, that'd be sweet. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts