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So plain looking

Eeeewww, crossover wires

Little paint cleans things up

No more crossover wires...Sweet!

Getting there

Finally done......For now.

Says it all.......


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Just got back from Seven month deployment a few months ago and missed hanging out with the Mopar families. My Maggie hit 155116 miles.only issues, tension pulley, right half shaft, ignition appoint shut off from time to time. But love the cruising in San Diego..

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I just went through all the pages of this thread and can't believe I didn't post in this one..

Let me try this..

Stayed stock from 2008-2010

Rims and demold

300 Conversion


Halo's and some small mods

New sound

Under hood toys

Lets fix the sound and add a some TV's


New Seats Please

New Hood and front Bumper

How she sits today for the most part...


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the day i brought her home

first mod (tint and pinstripe)

RIMS!!! 22" chrome boss 329 (265/30)

added some paint and night shade

night shade removed, installed fog lights, and plastidiped eyelids

the swap!

custom sound system finished

lowered 2"

HID fogs and low beam, grey pearl plastidipped grill, fog bezels, emblems, mirror caps, and window trim.
(this pic is from today)

soooooo much more to do. what a great ride, love this thing!

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Day I brought my mag home.


My first mod K&N & Flowmaster American Thunder cat back.

Taylor shorty wires, diablo sport trinity,gates racing hoses, jet 180 stat, diablo catch can, drake strut bar, challenger 6spd mounts,billet oil stick and oil cap. To name a few.

Lower billet grill, Danko 1.25 shaved spoiler, r type eyelids.

Front Plastidipped and pinstriped, calipers painted.

Led glow in wheel wells

Rear diffuser dipped

R1concepts rotors and posiquiet pads thx to Santi.

Hurst shifter handle installed, PAC interface installed, Plastidipped chrome ring around shifter.

Demoulded sides.

Trufiber hood installed, hood pins installed ,lanyards installed recently done, ram air grill blacked out


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pics are from the show room floor


the massive after effects.


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I've had my 2005 R/T for about 3 weeks, all my tweaks thus far have been superficial, for budgetary reasons, but i'm still having a blast with it. She looks a lot meaner now i think than she did a few weeks back....
Swapped out the oem headlight bulbs for the sylvania zxl xenon bulbs.
ImageUploadedByAG Free1376469081.578788.jpg

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Removed the side moulding and all the lettering, aside from the ram's heads and hemi badges, during which i encountered a freak occurrence with a cheap paint job from the previous owner. The adhesive remover caused a bunch of the paint to peel. This resulted in my newfound addiction to plasti-dip.
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Dipped the lower half of my doors & quarter panels (to cover the damaged paint) and blacked out the front & rear badges. I also dipped the lower half of the front bumper matte black, from foglight to foglight.

For kicks i dipped the hatch release and grill charcoal gray.
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And dipped the rims matte black. Tadaa! $100 of plasti-dip goes a long way!

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